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Why Virtix Health?

Virtix Health provides solutions to health plans that choose to optimize their operations and provide “Virtual Wellness Visits” to their members.  Whether you are a new health plan or established health plan, Virtix Health enables health plans to provide the best care for their members.

Our services range from comprehensive Virtual Wellness Visits, HCC Coding and cutting edge technology to support the entire process.

Our People

  • Unparalleled experience in the Medicare Advantage space

  • Full understanding of health plan needs and the extreme importance of MA risk projects

Full Transparency

  • Understand exactly where each project is at, anytime

  • Track all conversations with members, issues and resolutions


  • Industry leading technology streamlining the process & increasing transparency

  • Allows for complete or partial insourcing of virtual wellness visits

Control Costs

  • As MA membership continues to explode so does the need for wellness visits

  • Drive down overall costs with new technology enhancements

Proven Results

  • Delivered thousands of projects on time and on target

  • Proven scale of projects and development projects with the largest health plans

PHI Protection

  • Unwavering commitment to protection of PHI

  • Complete understanding of complex health plan security audits and protocols

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