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Technology is evolving rapidly on how healthcare data is exchanged.  Virtix Health is leading the charge in replacing manual medical record retrieval with automated data acquisition.  Health plans need to begin riding the wave of interoperability and reduce their acquisition costs, take ownership, reduce provider abrasion and increase image quality.


Clinical Data Connectivity geared for your specific project type:

  • Medicare Risk Adjustment


  • ACA

  • RADV/Specialty Audits


Interoperability is radically changing the way health plans are handling retrospective chart reviews.  With digital connections improving rapidly many health plans are taking over the collection of data internally.  Virtix Health has developed a proprietary platform, Linx (link to technology page) to manage all digital connections throughout the entire process.


Use Virtix Health technology:

  • Get clinical data real time

  • Image Quality – Virtix Health provides the top quality images that improves OCR/NLP output and increasing reviewing productivity and accuracy.

  • Full tracking and transparency into any project at any time

  • Tracking provider payments, reconciliation and status

  • Comprehensive provider data and history

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