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Technology is evolving rapidly on how healthcare data is exchanged. Partner with Virtix Health who is leading the chart in this technology innovation.

Data Acquisition / Medical Record Retrieval geared for your specific project type.

Common Issues Addressed:

  • Live feeds from TOP EMR companies

  • Image Quality - Virtix Health provides the top quality images that improves OCR / NLP output and increasing reviewing productivity and accuracy.

  • Full tracking and transparency into any project at anytime

  • Tracking provider payments, reconciliation and status

  • Comprehensive provider data and history


  • Technology improvements have not brought down overall costs

  • Unable to track and monitor provider payments/issues

No Transparency

  • Unable to see status real time against goals

  • Can't track conversations/issues with providers

Time Consuming

  • Managing your vendor should not require excess resources

  • Calling your providers yet still paying your vendor for retrieval

Low Retrieval Rates

  • Health plan financial forecasts don't meet vendor results

  • Results back loaded which cause issues in coding and monthly fiscal performance

Bad Image Quality

  • Vendors relying on fax/mail and not electronic connections

  • Cannot optimize OCR/NLP technologies

Provider Abrasion 

  • Constantly putting out provider fires because of unprofessional vendor conduct

  • Vendors trying to do same thing over and over and not evolving to minimize provider abrasion

Virtix Health can solve these issues:

  • Expertise in the following:

    • Medicare / Medicaid Risk Assessment​


    • ACA / Commercial

    • ACO

    • RADV / Specialty Audits

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