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As a health plan member you may have received a call or email from Virtix Health.  Your health plan has selected Virtix Health to conduct a Virtual Wellness Visit.

To schedule an appointment or have any questions please call (800) 460-0408

What should you Expect?
After your health plan notifies Virtix Health that you are eligible for a Virtual Wellness Visit, we will call you to schedule the visit.   We will work with your schedule to find the best time to conduct the visit.  We will call to confirm the date and time of your visit, we will also email all details needed for your visit.  The call will last approximately 50 minutes.  You can use any phone, computer or tablet for your Virtual Wellness Visit with a Virtix Health Nurse Practitioner.  For best quality, we recommend using a high-speed internet connection. If you don’t have internet, your phone or tablet you may use your cellular data service.

What will the nurse practitioner cover on your Virtual Wellness Visit?
⦁    Review all your medications and any lab results
⦁    Perform a comprehensive assessment to identify health risks and monitor conditions
⦁    Recommend additional medical care and screenings, if needed
⦁    Recommend local community resources

Is it secure?
Virtix Health follows physical and technical safeguards to protect your privacy and security as you talk with our Nurse Practitioners for your Virtual Wellness Visit.   We use the latest and most secure video technology and do not use less compliant applications like Zoom, Facetime or Google Duo.

Is there a charge for this?
If your health plan recommends you for a Virtual Wellness Visit from Virtix Health.  It is 100% covered by your health plan benefits. You have $0 copay.

What should you do to prepare for your Virtual Wellness Visit?
⦁    Gather list of current medications you are taking
⦁    Write down question you have for the nurse practitioner
⦁    Have your health insurance card available
⦁    List of current doctors
⦁    Call prior if you have any technology questions or needs

Benefits of Virtual Wellness Visit:
⦁    Ask any health related questions you may have
⦁    Assess your health/wellness and identify early signs of health risks or illness
⦁    Avoid paperwork, travel and waiting room time 
⦁    Get information on health plan wellness plan and community resources

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