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Technology is quickly changing how medical records are coded and data is abstracted from those charts. Virtix Health is at the forefront of that change.  Health Plans desire automation, flexibility and capacity for records to be coded and analyzed.  They also require rigid adherence of agreed upon coding principles.  Virtix Health has the expertise and solutions to help meet these demands.

Our comprehensive coding solutions include:

  • Focused chart review / ICD-10

  • HCC validation through RADV audit

  • Chart audit summary reports

  • Report of missing / embedded / suspect codes

  • OCR / NLP

Why choose Virtix Health for HCC Coding?

  • Skilled QA team

  • Offshore / Onshore certified coders

  • HIPAA compliant services

  • Stringent security policies

  • Projects led by coding subject matter expert from beginning to end

  • Full transparency and real time linkage to medical record retrieval project

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