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Ride the Telehealth movement and move your traditional in-home assessments to telehealth.  Now that CMS has approved telehealth for Annual Wellness Visits, an opportunity exists to combat the historically low participation and accompanying member abrasion of in-home assessments.  

It all starts with the member.  At Virtix Health, our motto is "Member First". Member satisfaction is extremely important to Virtix Health and we are continually measuring our performance to provide the best member experience.

Our strength is in our people.  It is our mission to fully understand a member's medical condition, which would also include identifying behavioral, economic, environmental and social determinants of health.

Let Virtix Health be your Telehealth partner.  We can schedule, track and administer all your Virtual Wellness Visits.

Are you having trouble getting telehealth to your members that don’t have a smart device or access to reliable internet?  Health plans are reporting that up to 30% of their members can’t access telehealth.  Try Virtix Health’s Device Landing program.  We ship an internet connected table 48 hours prior to the telehealth appointment, conduct the virtual visit then report the findings.

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  • Real Time Transparency into projects through our             Virtual Wellness Visit Platform

  • Customizable assessments that map to health plan care programs

  • Subject matter experts that manage all projects

  • Ability to ramp and deploy clinical resources anytime, anywhere

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